About Us Dreamlabs Studio February 6, 2020
"Every great design begins

with an even better story"

About Us_KV

Dreamlabs Studio is the leading global design studio specializing in master planning, design and strategic creative solutions for themed entertainment experiences and attractions. 

Our multi-disciplinary team creates immersive and compelling experience design encompassing the fields of theme parks, water parks, museums, galleries, interiors, landscapes and other mix-used entertainment attractions.

In Dreamlabs, we value and foster a culture of inspiration, and imagination, and innovative collaboration within the team, which are extended to our clients. 

We truly believe that the design process does not start at the project’s inception but in the everyday, invoking and pushing the boundaries of creativity and imagination that empowers our team and collaborators.

Our Processes

Project Discovery

Preceding the actual design, we will work in close collaboration and effort with clients through the conduct of workshop discussions to understand and establish requirements, objectives, directions, and goals for the project.

Creative Ideation

Through the takeaway objectives, we will conduct research, review comparable case studies, and propose unique positioning for content and brand utilization strategy to come up with the initial key “Wow” ideas.

Preliminary Masterplan & Concept

We will create a strategic outline of the Masterplan, by developing and programming the experiences and attractions while optimizing visitor circulation and operation needs. Exploratory sketches and ideas are also explored at this stage to convey the outline and interpretation of the experiences.  

Refined Masterplan & Concept

At this stage, we translate the Masterplan & Concept outlines to a more refined development of the narratives, stories, and general design drawings and its functional intent to create a truly unique and holistic package.

Schematic Design

A more detailed package of information will be worked out at this stage, by developing the concept with basic dimensions on plans, sections, and elevations.

Design Development

Further development of the design drawings will be explored in more detail, incorporating materials, equipment, and general fabrication methodologies. The details provided at this stage are not exhaustive and generally convey the details of the intent.

Design Documentation Review & Art Directions

We will assist to review construction and shop drawings development, samples, and other documents submitted by the client’s appointed contractor to ensure compliance with the design intent.

Meet the Team

A studio is only successful through the dynamics and collaborative work of the team.

Our studio is fueled by the creative tanks of our team, each bringing their strength and skill sets to create a vibrant and inspiring culture.

David Parkin
David oversees the development of Dreamlabs studio as its chief executive officer. With over 20 years of global experience, David has a proven track record heading up successful studios in Europe and Asia and leadership skills in building and structuring and getting the best out of creatives.
David Parkin
Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
2. Azmi Tarmuji
Azmi is the chief creative officer of Dreamlabs studio, and the custodian of all high-quality creative inputs and outputs of the studio. Azmi has a versatile and wide-ranging experience in environmental design ranging from commercial, attractions, and hospitality and is committed to delivering unique design solutions.
Azmi Tarmuji
Chief Creative Officer, Co-founder
3. Effendy Nordin
Effendy oversees the development of the business and operations as its director. With over 12 years of experience, he has a proven track record in project management and design consultancy having served as a client representative on various projects in the commercial and attractions industry.
Effendy Nordin
Director, Co-founder
4. Dennice Juwono
As the design director, Dennice helps clients to communicate their story & brand value to the targeted audiences. Dennice strives to create designs that are not just communicative but also experiential.
Dennice Juwono
Design Director
5. David Marchant
David M. is a highly experienced creative, offering clients unique service tailor-made to deliver specific unique design themes. His extensive design expertise covers over 18 years in the themed entertainment industry and over 30 years in resort and hospitality design.
David Marchant
Creative Director
6. Patrick Larsen
Patrick Larsen is an award-winning international Production Designer and Creative Director. Having founded Studio Bound, Patrick serves as a consultant for Dreamlabs studio. His works span over 20 years, encompassing a range of mediums including television, theatre, opera, exhibition and live events.
Patrick Larsen
Creative Director (Show)
Miswadi is an idea and technology driven individual with a proven history of Operational Leadership, Strategic Marketing and Business Development. At Dreamlabs, he handles all enquiries and new businesses in the Middle East and is in charge of working with clients as partners, engaging, communicating and activating brands and creating memorable impressions through design processes.
Miswadi Siskandarl
Business Development Director (Middle East)
Edgardo has over 25 years of experience in Architecture design and Masterplan and the construction industry. His experience covers a wide range of projects including residential, institutional, theme entertainment attractions, urban planning and commercial retail and offices.
Edgardo Moncayo
Art Director
9. Miguel Antonio
Miguel has over 10 years of experience in master planning and architecture design for theme parks, water parks, museums, and residential and other mixed-used commercial projects. Miguel creates truly unique design solutions through artistic concept ideation, design development, workshops, presentations and technical inputs using his architectural background.
Miguel Antonio
Associate Art Director
10. Alyssa Ee
Alyssa is an Associate Art Director with over 10 years of working on theme entertainment attraction projects including theme parks, water parks, museums, and galleries. From briefing, ideation, and developing and executing premium and purposeful storytelling experiences, Alyssa draws from her background in architecture design and master planning to deliver innovative and impactful design solutions.
Alyssa Ee
Associate Art Director
7. Dinah Goh
Dinah is a seasoned project manager with over 29 years of experience across various industry which includes commercial interiors, retails, F&B, hospitality, leisure, and theme attraction projects. She brings a wealth of project management skills and contributes a great deal of project management process from start to finish.
Dinah Goh
Senior Project Manager
13. Chang Suk Ping
Suk Ping produces and documents 2D architectural drawings such as layout plans, elevations, technical/construction and themed detail drawings ride attractions and revenue facilities. Her scope also involves frequent communication with her teammates to monitor deliverables, update drawings, and compile all works into a cohesive package.
Cheng Suk Ping
Senior Technical Designer
11. Juan Cabanes
Juan is highly experience in concepts, experiential planning and museum design. His background in architecture assists him greatly in combining space planning and exhibit contents to maximise the visitor experiences. Taking pride his efficieny, Juan is able to create stunning design ideas and also impresses with dedicated and passion.
Juan Cabanes
Senior Technical Designer
12. Azlan Tarmuji3
Azlan has a great passion for design and visualization and commits to creating an impactful scene to complement a holistic concept. Over the years working as a visualiser, he has completed projects of different natures ranging from Hospitality, Offices, Galleries, Museum and Special Projects.
Azlan Tarmuji
Senior Designer
16. Cheryana Azmi
Cheryana excels in visualizing immersive and engaging spaces, illustrating her ideas and stories into tangible experience. She is commited to creating experiences and environments that bring people together to have exploratory fun and connect with knowledge, culture and communities.
Cheryana Azmi
15. Gregory Ng
Gregory specialises in ideation sketches and 2D/3D visualisations.With a background in industrial design, he is equipped with an understanding of the pre-production pipeline and a strong foundation in visual and environment design. This versatility has allowed him to work in various arms of entertainment design - from video games to theme parks.
Gregory Ng
19. Alec
Alec has over 15 years experience in the field of architecture, previously working in Singapore’s top design firms. His exposures to various design developments such as residential, retail, and commercial projects power his creations.
Mustaqim has over 10 years of construction and design experience on commercial and themed attraction projects, including Movie Animation Park Studio and Sky World Theme Park in Genting Highland. Mustaqim is well versed in 3D modeling and AutoCad design.
Mustaqim Mazlan
20. Maricar
Maricar has a great passion for design and visualizations in her role as an exhibit designer, and has worked on multiple international projects ranging from museum, gallery, retail and residential design. Her fresh ideas creates a brilliant foundation as a teamplayer in each project she does.
17. Yon Man Man
ManMan is a Concept Designer who has been involved in various high-profile projects for theme parks, Cruises, Galleries and Museum worldwide. As an accomplished designer who works with traditional and digital techniques, she enjoys transforming her ideas into engaging visual stories.
Yon Man Man
18. Huszaza
Husza is a dynamic and ambitious architect with over 10 years of experience in architectural design and project construction management. Through this practice, she has managed various types of development from residential to commercial, industrial, institutional, leisure and hospitality projects.
Huszazaifah Hussin
14. Weiling
Weiling is a trained Architect Designer with over 4 years of experience. At Dreamlabs, she contributes to the conceptualizing of all themed attractions and interior projects and supports the studio with 3D modelling and schematic AutoCad Drawings.
Gan Wei Ling